Look great from every angle with Thermage, the ultimate in skin tightening technology.

Tighten skin on both the face and body, and reduce cellulite problems without surgery.

✓ Reduces accumulated fat

✓ Stimulates new collagen production

✓ Provides precise, real-time targeting

Thermage FLX

Transform Sagging Skin into Firm, V-Shaped Contours

Program Efficiency

  • Uses high-frequency radiofrequency technology
    with a large energy delivery head for effective
    deep skin penetration into the dermis
    and subcutaneous fat layers.
  • Enables precise real-time focus on the
    treatment areas, addressing issues quickly.
  • Equipped with a Spray Cooling system during
    treatment to prevent skin burn reactions.

Treatment Highlights

  • Ideal for those with cellulite or orange peel skin, as the technology effectively
    reduces subcutaneous fat.
  • Can lift and tighten body contours, reduce fat accumulation, and diminish wrinkles
    all over the body, especially on the face and jawline.
  • The energy stimulates continuous collagen production, with visible
    results in 3-6 months and lasting effects for 1-2 years.

Solve all issues 
Sagging skin
Lift and contour Face
Dissolve Fat

Used energy

Monopolar RF


Dermis layer, fat layer and collagen layer


  • tight face, firm skin
  • breaks down fat well
  • small pores tighten
  • slimmer face

Suitable for

Those who have a lot of fat around the face.
Face is not tight to want to lift the face

Tidhttened area

Lift the eyelids, bags under the eyes, reduce wrinkles on the face,
neck, body, reduce double chin,tighten upper arms,
thighs, hips, abdomen.

The results will last

1 – 2 years depending on individual care

Treatment Duration

Under 1 hour (excludes numbing Time)


Warm and heat in some areas,slight pain, bearable

Smooth skin / wrinkles

Tighten skin

Face lifting

Break down fat

Pain during

Meaning of  Thermage FLX

is the latest model developed for improved efficiency. FLX stands for

F – FASTER: Thermage has introduced the new Total Tip 4.0, which covers 33% more area
and is 25% faster than the previous model.

L – ALGORITHM: The machine can automatically measure skin resistance with AccuREPTM Technology
in real-time. This ensures that each energy shot is appropriate for the specific skin area,
providing consistency, high efficiency, and safety.

X – EXPERIENCE: Thermage FLX offers a more relaxing experience compared to previous models.
It features Advanced Comfort Pulse Technology, a Cooling effect, and Multi-Directional
Vibration to prevent skin burns and reduce pain during the procedure.

Working Principles of

Thermage FLX

Collagen degradation
sagging skin
and wrinkles

Releases energy
Radio Frequency
at 4.3 millimeters depth

Stimulates collagen production
reduces wrinkles
and dissolves fat

How can working principle of Thermage FLX
helps tighten the skin and reduce wrinkles?

Thermage will send high-frequency radio waves deep into the dermis and subcutaneous fat.
Then causing deep heating to the tissue in the area. This will result in sagging collagen and elastin fibers causing
contraction and rearranged tighten the skin and smoother. In addition, the deep heat that occurs causing the fat cells
in some of the subcutaneous fat layer to break down. The fat cells are one of the causes of cellulite.
also known as “Cellulite skin” Thermage can help solve this problem at the same time. During the treatment,
Thermage also has a cooling system along with it to prevent too high temperature and reduce the
likelihood of sunburn. After completing Thermage. The thermage skin layer will continue
to be stimulated to create new collagen continuously. This will result in stronger skin, wrinkles gradually reduced,
pores smaller and more firmer skin. The most obvious results will be seen within 3-6 months.

Which Parts of the Body Are Suitable for Each?
Tip of
Thermage FLX

Can be used on various parts of the body, including the face and body. Different tips are used to address specific skin issues comprehensively and accurately.
Trip Thermage-FLX 1-01

Thermage New Total Tip 4.0 (Purple Tip): Used for the face,
under the chin, and neck. It distributes energy effectively and precisely,
reaching deep into the subcutaneous fat layer to lift and tighten the skin,
reducing wrinkles and enhancing facial contours. The number of shots
used can be 300, 600, or 900, as determined by the doctor.

Trip Thermage-FLX 2-01

Thermage Eye Tip 0.25 (Green Tip): Used for the eye area
and eyelids. It employs shallow and precise energy to address
wrinkles and issues such as droopy eyelids, sagging outer
corners, and uneven eyebrows. The number of shots used
is 450, as determined by the doctor.

Trip Thermage-FLX 3-01

Thermage Body Tip 16.0 (Orange Tip): Used for body skin,
including the torso, arms, legs, and abdomen.
It helps to tighten body skin and manage excess fat effectively.
The number of shots used is 500, as determined by the doctor.

Trip Thermage-FLX 4-01

Thermage Total Tip 3.0 (Blue Tip): Used for the face.
It delivers energy precisely to the subcutaneous fat layer,
addressing deep lines and unwanted wrinkles, resulting
in smoother, more even skin. The number of shots
used is determined by the doctor.

Tip and Shot Selection: The doctor will assess the skin condition, treatment area, and specific issues
to be addressed to select the appropriate tip and number of shots to achieve the desired results accurately.

Where can Thermage FLX
Be done ? What are the Benefits ?

Revive the skin structure,
stimulate the creation of new collagen.

Solve the problem of drooping eyebrows,
drooping eyelids and wrinkled eyelid skin

Reduce the accumulated fat
around the cheeks,
under the chin and neck.

hip lifting, reduce the problem of
cellulite skin on the hips and thighs.

Reduce wrinkles,
sagging skin and increase smoothness.

Reduce wrinkles around the eyes,
cheek lines,
forehead wrinkles and crow’s feet.

face lifting,
adjust the shape of the
face to be slender.

Reduce the waist circumference,
leg circumference,
or arm circumference and increase firmness.

How are the results of
Thermage FLX
treatment? How many days to see results?

Thermage treatment will see the changes immediately after doing it.
The skin will be firmer.Wrinkles are reduced and there is smoother skin After that,
it will go into the process of creating new collagen
continuously and the results will gradually be evident within 3-6 months. The results of doing the Thermage can last approximately 1-2 years
and can be repeated once a year. However, the results will vary
from person to person depending on original skin condition age,
daily use and skin care after doing.

How Thermage FLX Works?


1. Treatment tip is placed against skin.


2. Treatment tip begins  vibration(if enabled). and protects the Cryogen cools epidermis.


3. Heat delivery begins and penetrates deep into the tissue. Vibration continues.


4. Epidermis receives three bursts of Cyrogen Deep heat and vilbration continue.

5. Final burst of cryogen is delivered to cool the epidermis. Vibration ends.


  • Thermage is a technology that tightens skin and stimulates collagen production using high-frequency energy waves. These waves penetrate the fat layer beneath the skin, effectively lifting and contouring the skin without surgery while efficiently breaking down excess fat.

The key benefits of Thermage include:

  • Skin tightening across the face and body.
  • Breakdown of excess fat and reduction of cellulite.
  • Reduction of aging signs, such as wrinkles.
  • Stimulation of collagen production.
  • The numbing process takes 45 to 60 minutes, and the treatment itself lasts between 30 minutes and 1 hour.

  • Thermage is a highly popular skin tightening technology, with over 2 million treatments performed worldwide. It is certified by the U.S. FDA and is very safe, causing no injuries related to the treatment.

  • Typically, a single Thermage treatment is sufficient. New collagen is continuously generated, and noticeable results can be seen within 3-6 months. Excess fat is broken down, and cellulite in wrinkled areas gradually becomes smoother and more toned.

  • Results can be observed within 2-4 weeks after the treatment, with the best outcomes visible about three months post-treatment. The results can last up to 1-2 years, depending on the individual’s skin condition and post-treatment care.

  • Thermage devices have a cooling effect to prevent skin burns and to minimize discomfort. However, the level of pain experienced may vary from person to person.

  • The Thermage program is ideal for individuals looking to lift and restructure their skin due to significant fat accumulation in areas such as the cheeks, under the chin, around the arms, and thighs. It is suitable for all skin types needing rejuvenation, nourishment, and repair from issues such as cellulite, sagging, lax contours, blurred jawlines, and signs of aging across the face.

  • An appointment must be booked in advance to schedule both the doctor and the equipment, ensuring prompt service. A deposit of 2,000 THB is required to confirm the booking.

  • You can pay for the service using a credit card without any fees for transactions of 500 THB or more. Additionally, you have the option to pay in installments for up to 6 months.

    Credit cards eligible for 0% installment plans include:

    • K-bank
    • SCB
    • KTC
    • Krungsri
    • BBL