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Magenta Light Plasma Photon

Magenta Light Plasma Photon

This beauty innovation for acne treatment in Bangkok releases a small electric field, producing hydroxyl radicals with oxygen atoms to treat acne of all severity levels and types. It quickly kills P. acnes bacteria, yeast, and fungi, the main causes of acne.

It combines light therapy technology to deliver double the concentrated healing energy by emitting LED light in 4 colors: red, purple, green, and yellow to reduce inflammation of the skin and control oiliness on the face. It also helps strengthen the skin’s defense and enhance skin health.

The final part of this acne treatment is a facial massage with ion cooling technology (at -15 degrees), using cold air to promote the absorption of vitamins to the cell level, restore moisture, and brighten the skin.

Magenta Light Plasma Photon

Magenta Light Intense Plus

This acne-prone skin treatment technology with light therapy emits LED light in all 4 colors: red, purple, green, and yellow, with a wavelength of 415-660 mm, directly destroying acne-causing bacteria and stopping the appearance of new acne. It also strengthens the skin’s protective barrier, promoting faster healing. 

The final level uses ion cooling technology (-15 degrees) with cold air to promote the absorption of vitamins on the skin layer down to the cell level. This step in our acne treatment aims to restore moisture, brighten the skin, and minimize scars.

Magenta Light Intense

Magenta Light Intense

This acne-prone skin treatment technology with light therapy emits only red LED light with 415-660 mm wavelength to destroy acne-causing bacteria. This reduces acne and controls the occurrence of new acne. It also strengthens the skin’s protective barrier and helps restore its health.

Magenta Light Intense
Plasma Photon

Plasma Photon

This acne treatment technology is suitable for mild to moderate acne cases, especially those who have problems with clogged acne and pimples. It also strengthens the skin using electro-cryotherapy technology, a cold facial massage to tighten pores, exfoliate, restore clear, bright-looking skin, and lessen the appearance of acne scars. This acne treatment in our Bangkok clinic helps clear acne and revive skin for a smoother texture.

Privato Clinic: Leading Acne Treatment Clinic in Bangkok

If you struggle with acne and sensitive skin prone to irritation, our acne treatment clinic in Bangkok is here to help. We provide comprehensive acne treatment programs that effectively address all acne issues.

Our services cover all levels of acne, providing acne injection treatments, affordable acne laser treatment programs, and budget-friendly acne treatment courses for scars. Aside from acne treatments, we also address other skin issues, such as dark spots, redness, dryness, and dullness. We use advanced technology to replenish moisture and strengthen skin protection, restoring your skin to a clear, radiant, and resilient state.

Our acne treatment clinic uses cutting-edge technology and expert dermatological care to deliver treatments tailored to your needs to solve your skin concerns.

For those seeking laser treatment for acne or acne scar treatment in Bangkok, visit Privato Clinic at any of our three branches in Bangkok. Contact us today for further information or to schedule an appointment.


  • Acne Compression Program + Purifying Mask: 1 session for 1,000 Baht / 3 sessions for 1,999 Baht
  • Acne Injection Program: Starts at 300 Baht for the first spot, and 100 Baht each for the next spots. For 4 spots and above, it’s a flat rate of 600 Baht.
  • Starting price for the acne treatment program: 2,000 Baht per session / Course of 5 sessions starts at 6,000 Baht.
    • Initial assessment by a doctor to plan a suitable treatment based on the severity of the acne problem.
    • Treatment starts with Plasma Photon technology, which reduces C.Acne or P.Acne bacteria, controls oil, and stimulates skin cell turnover.
    • If there is inflamed acne, the doctor will administer acne injections with medication to reduce inflammation and promote rapid healing.
    • Clear comedones on the face by extraction.
    • Skin rejuvenation with Hydro Cooling Bright technology to moisturize the skin, reduce dark spots and redness, and restore natural radiance.
    • Soothe the skin with a Purifying Mask made from natural extracts.
    • Light therapy with Magenta Light or Light Therapy to repair damaged skin cells, reduce inflammation, stimulate collagen production, and improve skin texture to prevent new acne formation.
  • Each session takes approximately 1 hour.
  • Results will gradually improve with each treatment session.
  • It depends on individual lifestyle factors that may contribute to triggering new acne.
  • You can pay for the acne treatment program in two ways:

    • Direct payment at the clinic: 50% payment on the first visit and the remaining 50% on the second visit.
    • Installment via credit card: Up to 3 months installment is available with all major banks. No fees are charged if the payment exceeds 500 Baht.

    Credit cards eligible for 0% installment:

    • K-bank
    • SCB
    • KTC
    • Krungsri
    • BBL
  • Making an appointment in advance is recommended for convenience and prompt service.
  • Privato Clinic for acne treatment has 3 branches in Bangkok: Asoke Branch, Silom Branch, and Ratchaphruek Branch.